Ten years living in NYC has made me a cynical person.

Most of the first four years was spent with my head buried in passionless work, or blackout wasted in some dive bar.  Four years is a lie.  Probably the first six years.  Maybe another three after that?  Who’s counting at this point?

This blog is a witness to my journey, finding fulfillment in the finer things in life.  After waking up from my 10 year hangover, I realized that I have a love for cooking, and eating, and feeding!  So likely, this blog will mostly be about food.  But I’m still tryna get fit, so its going to be eating healthy, I guess.  And crochet.  And exploring NYC… which really mostly revolves around more eating and drinking.  But we can’t forget, we are tryna get fit.  Oh and travel of course — all the cool kids travel… but isn’t that really just about eating elsewhere?

… this really turned into a ramble, but does anyone actually read this stuff?