A few weeks ago, I got two large beets in my CSA delivery and decided I would try to do a simplified beet hummus recipe I got from my mediterreanean mezze class at Haven’s Kitchen*.  As with life, I feared that what I had was not enough.  I went out and bought a few more beets to supplement.

After a quick google search and a reference to the class notes, I decided to increase the amount of garlic, and remove any steps beyond throwing things in a blender.  I threw together the roasted beets, lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, cumin and the trader joe’s tahini that has been sitting unopened in my fridge for over a year.

The final result: a honking LITRE of hummus.


We’ve been eating it on and off, as a dip and condiment, for about two weeks.  I even sent some home with my girlfriend, Nush, who polished hers off as a side to some hard boiled eggs.

I would chalk this up to a positive experiment to be tried again with more garlic… and perhaps garlic that hasn’t been around for months and months.  That being said, the answer to how much beet hummus is too much: if you are still shitting out red after two weeks, you have likely made too much beet hummus.

*If you haven’t checked this out — adorable venue, great layout and format. I like that the class goes by fairly quickly… and there is wine.